Pantheon in words

"SWII icon Who's in Control, Icon based on picture of Dan Giles" "Vic Finkelstein - Theorist &; Disability Rights Activist" "Madness" "Tomiwa" "Medal of St Benedict " "Cartoon of me for ADR" "Jilted John" "Mum with my favourite loving smile" "SWII icon Values & Beliefs" "Stone Carving by Steve Nemethy" "Nan & Grandad Kelly" "Dumpy's Rusty Nuts, he rocked and lived down the road from me" "Steve's chair in Walsingham, outside his shed, house & studio." "Big Tom, a musician I grew up listening too." "Front cover of the final draft copy of So What Is Inclusion" "Sir Bert Massie, disability rights campaigner" "The Annunciation by Steve Nemethy" "Pope John Paul II, born Karol Wojtyla in Krakow, Poland and died on 2nd April 2005 at 19:37 GMT" "Peter Sykes, guitarist, my PA for a while & close friend" "St Bernadette" "The blue & yellow ribbon of International Disabled Peoples day celebrated each 3rd December. The colours represent Equality & Solidarity." "Nan & Grandad Brick" "Icon of me" "ACDC, best guitar player in the world." "Mum reflecting on her day." "No Patronising...ever thanks." "Mike Oliver, Theorist along with Vic (see above) who best articulates The Social Model of Disability" "The Monkees." "Pencil drawing of Jesus by Steve Nemethy" "So What Is Inclusion Logo designed by Duncan McAfee and me." "Augusto Boal, theorist who took Freire's ideas to develop Theatre of the Oppressed, now practiced in Forum Theatre all over the world to create Social Change, I have had the honour to learn a bit from him." "Marc Bolan's Tree, this is tree that he died at on 16th September, 1977" "SWII icon Ready for Change, Icon based on picture of Maddy Norman" "Saxon" "The Last Supper by Steve Nemethy" "One of the last Electrics gigs in Camden" "Josie Grove, an amazing, inspiring & strong young woman who chose to live a better quality of life rather than continue with painful treatments. I didn't know her but her strength inspired me." "The Sex Pistols, Anarchy in the UK." "A jigsaw I created explaining the basis for the landmarks of So What Is Inclusion, study each landmark, then put them together to get an understanding of Inclusion." "Johnny Crescendo, Musician, civil rights campaigner, disability Activist, founder of DAN & friend." "Sacred Heart Icon" "Mum having fun" "PsychoBilly, a time and moment I loved." "Kolbs Learning Cycle re-created for SWII by Duncan McAfee and me." "Jacks, my favourite pub in the whole world." "Icon of St Benedict" "Ian Dury, I met him at an International scout Jamboree camp for disabled people and he became a hero." "Gemma" "Judas Priest" "I believe in Grassroots change, I sometimes (always?) have big thoughts but I believe in the pebble in the pond creating ripples so I try and keep things small. Every now and then the ripples we create really do grow bigger than us, which I love to see and be a part of. Change starts with myself. The icon was drawn by Duncan McAfee." "SWII icon Involvement." "Ginger, drummer, closest I've got to a brother and close friend" "King Kurt" "Ghandi, humility, humble, creating social change through non-violent means."