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My Ideas (you may say I have too much time on my hands, but have you seen my hands?)
These are all my ideas, all tried & tested in my own head, they don't exist, except in my head. They are all my own ideas, except the ones that aren't, these ideas are not patented, although I did put them in an envelope and sent them to myself. So these ideas may not be replicated, tried out or created by anyone...just you try it multi-nationals & business-types and you'll find yer messing with a big boy here..... so just try.


Dog Socks - they're Socks for Dogs..in a tin!

Everyone loves dogs and dogs love socks, of that, there is no argument. Simply it says what it is on the tin (the socks would be packaged in recyclable tins)......Dog Socks, they are socks for dogs in a tin. These dog socks are not like any dog socks that may already exist worn by those dogs that get carried around under their owners arms and who get better dinners than we do on a daily basis (you know who I mean). No these dog socks...in a tin are very different because they are Dog Socks and they come in a tin...goood eh!

Dog Socks it says what they are on the tin...see! (Dogs do not come with the purchase..just the tin...with the socks inside)

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1% Bleach

We all know that well known branded bleach that kills 99% of all known germs DEAD! Well why take the risk? This solution plays on your fear of germs and is fairly watery but with a quick rub (and after using other well known branded detergents), Wham those germs completely, 1% (+.....)and all gone.......100% of all known germs Dead!....Good Eeh!

A picture of a bottle of 1%

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Twat sticks

This is a fun a game for 2 or more players (please be aware you will need more sticks per player). The basic rules are each player has a "twat stick" and takes free turns at "twatting" their opponent with their specially & safe design "Twat Stick". The first one to cry is a loser. Not suitable for children under 18 or anyone else. Comes with a warning and parental guidance for use.

2 jolly fellows playing Twat Sticks

Coming Soon!! TwatZap - The battery operated version of Twat Sticks. Just when you thought the twat of a stick couldn't sting any more...Get an electrifying tingle too! Just when you thought Twat Sticks couldn't get any better......It can.

(comes with parental guidance & must not to be played by anyone with a dodgy haircut or anyone of a delicate disposition or in fact just anyone. Not at least without supervision from a twat stick registered referree & they don't even exist!!)

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The coffee cup/chip carton ticket holder thingy
(actual name still under development).

Picture the seen: you are at an AFC home game and off you go to the tea bar for a simple order of 2 coffees, chips and a mars bar. All goes well, you even have the correct change! But as head back to your seat, the lovely, friendly & curtious steward, lets call her "Toni" (any likeness to any real persons or events are completely coincidently) politely asks to see your ticket. Now the problem arises. Your hands are full & your ticket is in your pocket. You either hope a passer by may grope around your pocket. Or you have to precariously balance your purchases on a dustbin top, risking Haydon swiping the bin and food too, only to be mashed up during his drumming concerto for 2500. Don't Worry!! The coffee cup/chip carton ticket holder thingy is here.

Simply buy your food and drinks, but before walking away, simply (and it is simple) clip on the cupnticket holder onto your coffee cup or chip carton and show your ticket to Toni and the world .

Please Note: Due to technical difficulties this product currently doesn't work on a Mars Bar or Snickers, but probably would work on those old style smartie tubes and maybe a double dekker, but I don't think they sell them down at the AFC tea bar. So until this is resolved just stick to tea and chips, or put the chocolate bars in your pocket (you do however risk meltedge with this procedure).

And there's more!!.......NEW.....The coffee cup/chip carton ticket holder thingy PLUS!! The games over ...don't throw away the cupnticket holder.....clip it onto your baseball cap and clip in your oyster card, simply swoop down as you get on the 131 and your hands stay free to do whatever you wish.....good eh! NB: So really I need to rename this page as I've got more than 4 ideas!

A cup of tea with ticket holder

A range of great products with ticket holder attachment.

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Please note images are for illustrative purposes and final product may not look anything like the illustrations & they may not work either.

Great eh!