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Upcoming Gigs

25th August - Smithfields Market Street Party - 2pm, FREE!!

3rd June - Private gig, London
7/10 June - Carlow Festival with Extraordinary Bodies, Ireland.
23 June - NUT conference, Birmingham
24 June - Private gig, London
1 July - Private gig, Somerset
25/29 July - With Extraordinary Bodies, Glasgow, Scotland

Reasons To Be Cheerful UK Tour 2017
8/9 September, Belgrade Theatre Coventry
12-16 September, Derby Theatre
26 - 30 September, Nuffield Theatre, Southampton
3-7 October, New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich
10-14 October, West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds
17-21 October, Liverpool Everyman
October 24-November 4, Theatre Royal Stratford East.

(contact theatre directly for tickets)

3 Dec, Out on the Streets IDPD Gig, London



Rockinpaddy is a mish mash of brilliant & talented friends that come together when the opportunity invites. Rockinpaddy can be 2 or 3 of us and has been up to 7 of us, depending on who's around and up for it. I guess I'm always around as Rockinpaddy exists as a funny little character/idead in my head to enable us to play when all the BRBB members can't play together. I don't know what he looks like, but I know he's always up for the crac, doesn't take himself too seriously and loves bringing people together to have a good time, so he's in the band, a DJ, an eejit & he's in charge of this website!


Which Side Are you On

The Battle of Whitehall Continues (#SaveILF vers.)

Spasticus Autisticus @ London2012

Reasons To Be Cheerful Black Cab Sessions


The Freedom Ride Cab Sessions

Rockinpaddy @ Roehampton SU, 6th November 2007Rockinpaddy @ Roehampton SU, 6th November 2007
3 of Rockinpaddy x 2 (me, Angus & Pete, Roland & Dave) play at Riordons (left)Roehamptons Student Union (right)

After a real fun gig on 14th November at the Holiday Inn, Guildford, Surrey, we managed to record the gig by placing a mini disc recorder up someones jumper, so the sound quality is not as good, but due to everyone saying can we here it somewhere, here is a live & rough version taken from the gig.

Click here to hear "There's No One As Irish As Barack Obama"

The fella's who created it can be found here & they are on You Tube here

To book or enquire about Rockinpaddy or The Big Red Bambino Band email:


Freedom Ride Cab Sessions

now up


The Big Red Bambino Band





To be honest there are two bands. Rockinpaddy & The Big Red Bambino Band. This page will tell you a potted rockinography starting back in the early 80's and going up to present day. It'll be a family tree of fun from "WAC" to The Electrics to Another Dead Rabbit to a solo period to The BRBB to now, the era of Rockinpaddy.

You can listen to tracks from The Big Red Bambino Band's CD
'Up Your Day' here



click here to listen to Big Red Bambino Band's Battle of Whitehall on this weeks National Disability Arts Forum Podcast.
If the player does not work you can here it direct here on the NDAF Podcast

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Our Family Tree

Now this started off as something that I thought would be fairly easy to do, however on further research it has become a lot more complicated, I'm waiting on a few names before I put up the full tree. It's amazing how many bands have got tied up in this family tree! It's going to be worth the wait.


Another Dead Rabbit
Another Dead  Rabbit pictured up a flight of stairs, from the bottom: Wiz, Nick, Angus and John.

After a few facebook requests, I've ug deep into my old cassettes to create some rare recordings of the early days, we are talking mid 80's. They were fun times with Angus, Nick, Wiv and myself. So here's 3 of the 5 tracks from an early recording session, which created our first demo "Lets Get PFR'd".

Click here to hearFamily Tree
Click here to hearWho Wanted To Grow Old
Click here to hearRussian Girl

ADR drinking in The Swan Pub, Ash Vale.

If you enjoy them let me know and I'll dig out our second demo for a laugh!!